Every time I walk into Our Father’s Home, I feel the love of the Father… As though He is saying: My daughter, you are welcome!

I feel His amazing love in every smile and hug… In every hello I feel the Father saying, my child rejoice, for you are among family!

With every note and clap I feel my spirit rejoicing because I know that our praise and worship is acceptable to God!

With every dance item I see His joyous Spirit celebrating freedom with us!

With every prophetic word and ministry, I hear Him speak to me and I always find courage and faith to obey!

Every prayer is like an embrace by the Father, as though He is urging me on saying: Come to me my child, for I am all you need!

I feel genuinely loved by the whole family! I knew I was home the very first time I walked into the House of God and heard Him say to me, let this house be your home and allow me to make you into the home that I desire!

Through many tears and confessions, I felt for the first time that I had an intimate relationship with God! I learned to trust Him even when my feet fail me… I came to the knowledge that that’s when my faith should stand!

When I got baptised both in water and spirit, I just knew that God was bringing me to a whole new dimension of worship! He made me into a true worshipper: one who now worships in Spirit and in Truth! With no performance – another one of the many convictions I received at OFH!

I have grown so much in the past two years and I am extremely grateful for all the prayers and lessons that brought about this amazing revival in my life – both spiritually and physically!

I am not campaigning for a church but for the church of Christ, and I also just want to testify that when you know that you know that you are where God wants you to be, you better expect the unexpected because He is about to use you like never before! Stay blessed!


Kay-Dee Mashile


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