I’m sorry

I’m sorry for not sugar-coating my version of the truth… Maybe I was afraid to risk it due to my diabetic history with trusting people to provide insulin when all they have is glucagon which cannot but aggravate my condition!

I am sorry if I upset you by somehow setting you up to see how I felt… I am actually sorry I felt that way!

I am sorry for being so dramatic but then maybe acting is contagious because before you I was not cut out for it!

I’m sorry for overestimating you… I am sorry I believed in you way too much I actually believed you for things you never even said!
I’m sorry I made myself believe a make-believe story of my own making!

I’m sorry I thought you were my friend… I’m even more sorry I thought you could be more!

I’m sorry we ever got to talk! I’m maybe even sorry we ever met!

I’m so sorry for everything, but mostly I’m sorry I actually like you! I’m even more sorry that I miss you!

May God bless and keep you, I wish you nothing but the best! And thank you for all the laughter… And I’m sorry for all the precious hours you spent talking to me!


Kay-Dee Mashile


2 thoughts on “I’m sorry

  1. Am sorry if reflected white instead of black in other words I should have been open and honest to you.
    Just that I never thought at some point I would get your attention I just thought I was lucky to be called your friend and everything I said about you I meant it nothing was plagiarized all came from the bottom of my heart and it was a point of calculating the signature of uniqueness in you

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