My Precious Purity

When a child I about to start walking, he holds on to things to help him balance. But eventually he gains trust in himself and lets go. When he begins to walk he stumbles and falls countless times but he persistently gets up and try again, he does not go back to the things he used to hold on to. And eventually he stops falling and walks perfectly.

Even the invention of the light-blub must have been so tiresome and discouraged by many, due to the many failed attempts, but its creator says each time he failed, he actually learned how not to make a light-bulb! And eventually, when he knew what not to do, he successfully created a light-bulb.

See even the very purification of gold, the most precious of all things found by man, involves fire and pain! Can you imagine how people must have reacted when the first person ever to purify gold put it in fire? Who would have known that such a precious thing had to be completely destroyed for it to reflect its finest reflection?

Likewise is the creation of the finest wine! Can you imagine what people said to the first person who crushed grapes so cruelly and then stored away the juice for years? Who would have known that the sweetest things in life are worth waiting for?

See even as I, a child in this scary world, may stumble and fall and although some people would be more than glad to kick me while I’m down, I cannot quit walking just because I fell! As my people say “ho kula” which means “you are simply growing up”! And just as you cannot appreciate wine if you don’t know the processes by which it is made and cannot appreciate gold if you do not know how it is purified or the joy of walking if you have never fallen; so can you not see or even appreciate my preciousness if you do not know of my purification through the fire and spirit, similarly, you cannot appreciate my praise if you do not know my pain!

So as long as the fire in my heart is still burning and continues to purify me, I will always have courage to get back up and walk until I see the precious reward of my perseverance! And just like all good things, my precious purity is worth waiting for!


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