Rev 2:7a – Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches!

A preacher recently got me thinking:

• Why do we preach what people want to hear instead of what God wants them to hear? i.e. we preach success, blessings, prosperity and all that our hearts desire! But what happened to speaking only what the Father commands? What happen to conviction and repentance? What happened to telling people the truth with the faith that they’ll be set free?

• Furthermore, why do we say the loudest ‘AMEN!’ To things that excite our flesh and frown upon that which nurtures our spirit? After all, isn’t the word supposed to be food for the spirit? Is it not meant to help us see the wrongness of the flesh and to repent from and change that?
Did God ever say ALL Christians are to have mansions and expensive cars?
Did He ever say ALL Christians will be successful businessmen and women?
Did God ever say “if you sin, it’s okay I’ve already forgiven you, and to prove that, I’ll give you a lot of money”?!

If NOT, then where do we get the “prosperity gospel” from? Why are we entertained so much at church when we are meant to make God feel good and not ourselves? Why do we praise and worship pastors in the name of th same God who clearly stated that we are to worship no other God but Him? Brethren, beware of false ministries but also beware of listening only to what you want to hear and focus more on what God is telling you!

And be careful what you say ‘amen’ to!

Rev 2:7a – Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches!


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