Poem for my Dearest Mother.

My Dearest Mother

Maya Angelou called her phenomenal.
Proverbs 31 reads that she is virtuous.
Celin Dion sings that there is no other love like hers.
Her siblings say that she is a sister.
Her mother says she is a daughter.
But, above all else, she is my Mother!

She knows what I need even before I realise I want it!
She knows what I am likely to do next.
She is an impersonation of God Himself –
She knows me for who I am and she loves me anyway!

She is no batman,
Nor Spiderman!
Actually, she is much more than a super-hero!

Day and night she prays for me and teaches me the ways of wisdom.
She builds her house on her knees in prayer;
And no one can ever stand against it and conquer!

She has nurtured me from childhood and from a baby she created a lady!
She has molded the young one into a woman!

See, if you ever wondered whether or not there is a God,
She is living proof!

I said it once and I’ll repeat it once more:

Maya Angelou said she is a phenomenal woman.
Proverbs 31 calls her a virtuous woman;
A wife of noble character!
One who is blessed by her children and praised by her husband.
If I were a singer I’d sing “there is no other, love like a mothers’
love for her child…”

That is why I say, today, tomorrow and forever, happy Mothers’ Day.
For you deserve to be appreciated each and every single day!
Love you!

Kay-Dee Mashile


4 thoughts on “Poem for my Dearest Mother.

  1. You are really a blessing to have in this young generation. Very inspiring poem this is. Keep spreading the good news through writing. You truelly are gifted at it

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